• Telemarketing services by call centre telemarketing businesses facilitate get your services or products delivered to your potential client. They comprises various call centre offerings together with telesales, business to business telemarketing, lead generation and virtual assistant services. They are providing more than simply phone calls. Telemarketing Services executes phone surveys for many organizations.

  • Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) provides efficient, expert data extraction services for a variety of business models. Our knowledgeable data extraction technicians are ready to sort through a variety of data base sources, as well as pictures, websites, databases, and documents quickly and accurately, eliminating the trouble from this time consuming process.

  • Our BPO (Business process Outsourcing) division is primarily involved with taking right care of your business processes in order that you'll direct your focus towards growth.

    Rather, we tend to bring about true transformation with the assistance of our huge experience and well-tried skills applied time and again in numerous industry domains and international engagements.

  • Shri Misri understands that achieving an exceptional client experience at each point in the client journey isn't just about what happens in the front office. Shri Misri back-office solutions combine robust competency in delivering business process transformation.

    Order processing : Payment recording, dispute investigation, dispute settlement, bill generation, bill dispatch, dealings reconciliation, payment break-up arrange.

  • Medical record summarization has proven to be a boon to the health care industry. This can be a method where tedious medical record data is analyzed, classified based on the information and service providers then a review is given that is medico-legally authenticated. This a simplified medical data from complicated medical record pages, that enables legal proceeding services, claim services and different health care services to process their services at a much quicker rate.

  • Robotic process automation (RPA) is the use of software package with AI (AI) and machine learning capabilities to handle high-volume, repeatable tasks that previously needed humans to perform. These tasks will embody queries, calculations and maintenance of records and transactions.

    RPA software isn’t a part of an organization’s IT infrastructure. Instead, it sits on top of it, enabling a corporation to implement the technology quickly and with efficiency .

  • Shri Misri is that the best within the field of providing general transcription solutions to its clients. Our team is well equipped to handle numerous speakers in recording. Our main strength lies in the experienced team of transcriptionists of our general transcription services. We do our best in providing you with quality transcription within time.

  • Shri Misri handles numerous specialties while delivering 98.5%+ of accuracy with 12-24 hours guaranteed TAT. We keep Medical Transcriptionists up-to-date on the trends and challenges affecting Medical Transcription industry to enable them to implement transcription solutions that save our client's money and efforts, whereas improving quality and productivity.

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