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Medical underwriting is the process of evaluating an application for health insurance coverage by examining the applicant's medical history. The price of coverage is determined by the risk factors of the applicant.

Depending on the insurance company's policies and federal and state regulations, medical underwriting for high-risk candidates may lead to the exclusion of coverage for certain conditions, denial of coverage altogether, or coverage offered only at a very high price.

Medical underwriting also is practiced in determining individual rates for life insurance and disability insurance policies.
Medical underwriting may be undertaken for an individual or for a small group, such as a company seeking coverage for its employees. Such individual scrutiny would not be feasible when setting rates for a large company.

This is where the expertise from the Shri Misri Solutions would extend our hand to help. Our team of experts conducts a thorough analysis of an individual’s medical records. The process requires the health insurance applicant to provide a medical history going back years, and the insurer may contact healthcare providers that the individual has used.

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