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Deposition summary services are an integral part of a trail and their relevance and accuracy are of paramount importance for they can change the course of the trail

A deposition summary is simply a concise yet accurate document containing the important points from the deposition transcript. It is used to assemble information and evidence related to the discovery process in a lawsuit at the pre-trail stage.

Deposition Summary Services at SMSPL:

A summarized version of the testimony needs to be presented to the reviewing party in an accurate and concise manner. Deposition Summary Services at SMSPL ensures that it covers the key points of the deposition by describing the objective, preparing other relevant deposition cases, helping legal minds not present during deposition, preparing additional discovery and supporting trial preparation.

Summarizing a deposition transcript comes in various formats. At Shri Misri’s Deposition Summary Services, we summarize in the universally accepted format unless there are any specific instructions from the client.

Our exceptional team of paralegals and professional writers at SMSPL review complex documents and accurately pull important information to summarize for the attorney thereby getting the best outcome for our clients.

Deposition Summary Process Workflow

Workflow strategy that we follow involves:

  • Reading: Simply going through the summary transcript and focusing on key questions asked during pretrial process.
  • Annotating: Highlighting important points that need special mention in the summary.
  • Summarizing: Organizing the important points the way the client needs.


  • SMSPL saves the Law Firms’ time by involving ourselves in their process of summarizing a deposition that includes reviewing, researching, drafting and writing letters etc., thereby getting the documents faster
  • The professional writers that we have enhance Law Firms’ efficiency by taking a major portion of their work so that they can simply focus on the court proceedings.
  • Shri Misri Solutions reduces Law Firms’ cost significantly by having our skilled team reviewing and summarizing depositions which otherwise can be prohibitive if done by attorneys.
  • Our highly skilled technical team helps ease the burden of the Law Firms which have plethora of cases to deal simultaneously.
  • We have an excellent paralegal team that can face the challenges with any type of litigation and has expertise in creating even complex summaries.

What We Do?

Once the client provides deposition transcript, our paralegal team quickly gets into reading it, doing a detailed review of the same before summarizing the transcript. The summaries are then proofread by our professionals for quality and accuracy.

Additional Benefits:

  • Client will have a team that’s dedicated and exclusive
  • Highest quality and accuracy
  • Highly reliable security for your data
  • Strict privacy measures in place
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Dedicated customer service

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